AMSTERDAM, urban collection with a concrete look. Amsterdam is an urban collection with a concrete look that combines a soft palette of colours. Its design is relaxing. The collection has some decorative elements with reliefs that the result of the construction is an original modern day space.


Arlette, femininity and sophistication. Inspired by the majolica technique, Arlette confers femininity and a traditional style to any space; a combination of sophistication and a rustic finish. Available in the format 21.4×61 cm, this range of wall tiles in neutral hues and glossy finish is a dynamic and living solution to renovate bathroom spaces and quaint small-sized kitchens thanks to its five colours and to the mosaic decorated with lines that provides a glossy checkerboard pattern with relief.


Bengala, The value of tradition, renewed. Bengala restores traditions to refresh them with a truly modern spirit, placing them once again at the forefront of what is truly “in” whilst safekeeping the essence of a style that remains on the cutting edge, thanks to technology and the new trends of the 21st century. The simplicity of times past adds a touch of beauty to the functionality required by today’s lifestyles.


CHAPLIN, industrial soul and art-decó reminiscences join in this wall tile inspired by cement to reinvent its texture in four colours: White, Grey, Sand and Vison. The Chaplin collection combines modernity and softness in a full-character matt touch with a personal finish of the edges. This range is complemented by three decorations: the sobriety of Chaplin Mosaic, the relief of the micro-mosaic of Suite Chaplin and the restyling of the hydraulic tiles of ChaplinDeko. This range is available in 21.4×61 cm. for wall tiles and 44.5×4.5 cm. for polished porcelain tiles.


Chelsea, English rigour. Chelsea is one of the various facets offered by ceramic cement to cover not only the walls of kitchens and bathroom spaces but also those in other rooms of the house that are full of personality. This elegant range stands out for the neutrality of the soft cement, with the ceramic piece being the key decorative piece in the space. It also has 2 decorative reliefs that provide a personal touch, as well as other special pieces that offer a perfect finish. Chelsea is available in three colours: blanco, grey and arena, and in the format 30×90,2 R cm.


Natural erosion. Worn cement and a touch of geometry are the keys of a new range that goes beyond a simple industrial inspiration. Like a floor worn throughout time but with the performance of porcelain stoneware, Claqué is a charismatic and versatile floor tile for public and private use. Available in 80×80 R cm., 61.5×61.5 cm. and in 44.5×44.5 cm.; in Blanco, Arena, Gris and Negro. As part of its special tribute to the natural erosion of cement, Claqué presents as well two decorative complements Claqué Deko. For the format 80×80 R, a geometry that replicates the design of modern wallpaper; for the 61.5×61.5 cm., a classic monochromatic cement tile with an aged finish. Range available in 80X80 R cm., 61.5X61.5 cm. and 44.5×44.5 cm.


Colette, tiles with a French accent. Colette conquers us due to its charm and femininity. With a wide colour range -where the colour navy blue stands out- this collection of wall tiles provides a vintage look to any room thanks to its finish inspired by irregular cement. Available with a mosaic décor that combines different nuances of colours in the same piece and Premier, which stands out for its aged finish with random brushstrokes, Colette is an option which is able to transform small-sized kitchens and bathroom spaces in welcoming areas with a certain French style. This collection is available in the format 21.4×61 cm.


The porcelain stoneware of the Creation series, in four colours; white, graphit, vision, beige and the matching mosaic decoration, recalls the warmth of family atmospheres. The classic 44.5×44.5 format makes it ideal for residential spaces.


A unique finish with graduated shading provides this collection with such personality that no further adornments are necessary. With the character of painted floors in an old factory and the latest ceramic enhancements, Cricket is the perfect proposal for a wide range of interiors. Structured in rectangular sheets, this is a wall tile that is able to combine opposites: Softness and clearness, dark and light shades, rural and urban. As a result of the manual cement labour in changing reliefs, the range is presented in 3 colours: Grey, Sand and Vison. The range is available in 30×90.2 R cm.


Derby, industrial design. With a minimalistic inspiration, Derby is a range of full body porcelain tiles that replicates the design of marked cement where the movement of graphics plays subtly in changes of hues and less defined frames. Its porcelain finish makes it suitable both for commercial spaces and domestic use. Available in formats 80×80 R cm, 24.6×101 R cm, 50×100 R cm and 61.5×61.5 cm and in 4 colours: black, grey, beige and vison.


Diva, Warm, peaceful interiors. The colour, warmth and peacefulness conveyed by rustic stone is reflected in the Diva series, designed to create warm, peaceful interiors. Like the new trends in today’s lifestyles, Ferrara shows that there is no need for haste, that the only thing that is important is to relax both body and mind. Each item, each colour creates the best ambience for enjoying a calm life, appreciating unhurried beauty.


With Downtown, large surfaces are transformed places of gathering, exchange and interaction. Cements that create spaces with a clean and rigorous look, that enriches environments with aesthetic austerity and provide a kaleidoscope of technical functions. A wide range of formats, surfaces (natural, lapato and estructurado non-slip R11), and mosaics make the Downtown series even richer. Downtown, available in the new 80×80 large format, is ideal for contemporary architecture.


Dream series wall tile represents the highpoint of versatility and, at the same time, the development of the material in matt version. Thanks to its variety of colours and designs, Dream is a modern, ductile floor covering, highlighting and adapting to different environments just as effectively: its wide range varies from a new snow white shade to arabesque gold and platinum colours. Available in 25×70 cm format and in five colours, it includes special pieces such as skirting and borders for more classical fitting.


The Fusion series offers aesthetic attraction and extreme functionality. Combining different designs in the same piece -shade on shade- and inspired by cement, Fusion seduces with its rich variety of decoration. The Silk surface is particularly outstanding perfect for interior, residential environments. A porcelain tile available in four colours, it has the new feature of the 14.5×60 cm rectified.


London, Naturally-inspired, profound beauty. Large format porcelain tiles inspired by nature that set the style to be followed in creating spaces with an exclusive character, exuding peace and serenity. A world of possibilities ranging from the purest white to the deepest black. A design created for everyday functionality. Beauty, in a large format, means more beauty.


Metalic Inspiration. The fusion of a slat and a metallic mesh is the base of a highly versatile porcelain tile. The four colors of Metal –Beige, Gris, Óxido and Negro- adapt to any kind of environments providing a unique industrial character. The result of this collection is a charismatic texture that fits into very different domestic, commercial or contract projects. Being the top range of the Rock&Rock collection, its endurance, personality and technical features turn it into the perfect porcelain tile for large projects and outdoor coverings. Range available in 60×120 R cm, 60×60 R cm and 30×60 R cm.


By merging two opposites, fabric and cement, we create the texture of a floor tile that aims to blend into its surroundings in a landscape of interrupted weaves. Porcelain is the main character in this collection that proposes two ranges of cool and warm colours: Sand and Taupe, on one side, and Grey and Graphite, on the other side. Inspired by wildlife and nature, the great novelty is provided by the range Momentum Deko, which includes tiles decorated with birds that resemble English wallpaper. Range available in 80×80 R cm., 61.5×61.5 cm. and 31×61 cm.


Pure textures. The beauty of constructive elements inspired by Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe. The different shapes of these floor tiles take inspiration from monochromatic cement in a high-end porcelain proposal. Optimal for public and private spaces, its diverse combinations, along with its hand-painted frame effect result in enormous versatility. The basic piece with a 30x60R format is complemented by a decorated piece, Melt, which resembles a formwork finish. The range is completed with the Plaster Deko in 80×80 cm, a piece that simulates ageing paving stones with an octagonal shape. Range available in 60×120 R cm., 80X80 R cm. and 30X60 R cm.


The most delicate porcelain reinvents itself in monochrome settings with mixed textures. Room is inspired by fabrics and cement in order to celebrate the most subtle colours and natural fabrics. Three colours –White, Sand and Grey- are the base of a collection that is able to shape homogeneous interiors, always with a light romantic touch. Its different relief options allow the achievement of different styles: from the simplicity of the cobble effect of the Mosaic line to the modern strips of Suite. Available in 30×90.2 R cm.