Calacatta, the spirit of marble A contemporary take on natural Italian marble setting new standards in styles and trends whilst conserving all its prestige and quality. A faithful ceramic adaptation of the marble par excellence. The same texture, the same aesthetic effect, but with more design input and enhanced functionality. A prestigious classic updated to meet today’s needs and requirements.


Carrara, between modernity and classicism. A contemporary take on the style of Ancient Greece, with gentle shades and delicate lines betraying a clear Greco-Roman influence. This is Carrara, a series of exclusive products that combines solutions to the demands of the third millennium with the apparent simplicity of the civilization that laid the foundations for our existence. Between modernity and classicism, there is room for a beauty rooted in times past that is able to set trends today.

Marble Cream

The elegance of marble is the base of a range with an ivory finish and two very different concepts: Rock&Rock, tuttomassa porcelain with a Lapato finish, and White Body Wall Tile, a white body wall tile with relief for more exquisite surroundings. With its subtle iridescent finish, Marble Cream is a floor tile for timeless spaces that is able to reinvent classical marble. Designed in a large format, the reliefs of its wall tile allow as well the introduction of a subtle geometrical ornamentation. Range available in 60×120 R cm., 60×60 R cm., 80×80 R cm. and 30×90.2 R cm.

Marble Pulpis

Reinventing a classic. The new proposals focus on the star materials of the second half of the twentieth century and reinvent them. These floor tiles inspired by Pulpis marble combine the classic lines of the natural veining of rocks with the exceptional performance of a high-quality porcelain floor tile. Following the natural colors of rocks, the collection is available in Gris and Vison with a Lapato finish, shaping timeless commercial and domestic proposals. It is also presented as a white body wall tile, rectified and with a gloss finish. Its rectangular pieces in 30X90.2 cm. inspire bathrooms with delicate lines and indisputable elegance, spaces where time seems to stand still. Range available in 60×120 R cm., 80X80 R cm. and 60X60 R cm. and in 30X90.2R


Stratos, The dazzling seductiveness of a perfect finish. Attractiveness, variety and perfection are the watchwords of the Stratos 80×80 series. A dazzling range that is perfectly polished for spaces that seduce with their design, quality and beauty. Every item provides a reflection of the taste for a contemporary aesthetic that fuses comfort and originality, and boasts a clear ability to set the fashions, trends, styles and looks of both today and tomorrow.