Bahía collects the colours of the sea, the sand and the sea foam to create warm interiors full of personality. Naturalness and freshness join in a proposal that reflects the Mediterranean coast and culture. By imitating the erosion of limestone, this range offers fineness and resistance with the veiled texture of the maritime interiors and the possibility of introducing subtle colour notes. In White, Sand and Grey colours; its decorations include the Bahía Mosaic and the Bahía Deko, with a tribute to the most traditional ceramics. This range is available in 25×70 cm.


Organic nature. The very personal look of slate with the incredible endurance and the technical advantages of porcelain tiles. Cliff is a full body floor tile with an extreme personality. Ideal as floor tile for high-transit areas and also for ventilated facades, the special performance of ceramics makes it possible to have the distinctive slate texture not only in the traditional Negro color, but also in original finishes in Blanco and Gris, which will lose none of their hue with the passage of time. In different square and horizontal formats, the range has a decorated base in 30×60 R that recreates a paving stone made up of 15×15 cm. pieces. Range available in 60×120 R cm., 30X120 R cm., 60X60 R cm. and 30X60 R cm.


Limestone texture. The Atlantic Ocean and its lighthouses, its wooden houses, its resistant walls eroded by the sea… Costa is a white body wall tile that finds its inspiration in limestone and the coastal landscape. Designed as a charismatic range for kitchens or bathrooms in Blanco, Arena, Gris and Visón. As a tribute to natural wear due to the erosion of the sea, Costa presents two decorative elements: Suite Costa, in which small worn stones provide relief to the ensemble and Costa Deko, which replicates a hand painted décor on stone. Range available in 21.4×61 cm.


Hotel, a touch of sophistication. The elegant range of wall tiles Hotel combines the industrial style with an added touch of sophistication. Monochromatic, with a range of very neutral colours which do not need to be combined, this collection is the perfect decorative solution for large bathroom spaces full of design, architectural and sophisticated. Available in the format 30×90,2 R cm, rectified and in three colours: blanco, beige and vison, Hotel offers 2 decorative reliefs that allow the customisation of any space, as well as corner profiles and mosaics that provide a perfect finish.


Ideal for domestic environments and those with gentle contrasts, Legend reproduces the design of English stone on different faces with a great deal of movement, unified under the same shade. Because of the serenity it brings to its surroundings and its stony finish, Legend evokes balanced, noble, very natural and differential environments. Porcelain tile available in four colours -Arena, Vison, Blanco and Grafito- and in 24.6×101 cm, rectified, 61.5×61.5 and 31×61 cm unrectified formats, as well as 31×61 cm non-slip.


Exotic vocation. The colors of Serengeti and the extraordinary lifestyle of the nomad inhabitants of Masai Mara merge in a collection inspired by the geometric pieces of African jewelry. Masai is a rectified white body wall tile with high-range finishes and the option of being combined with the porcelain floor tiles in 100x50R and 61.5×61.5 cm. included in the same range. Its fine reliefs in Blanco, Arena and Grafito can be combined with the Suite Masai decoration, a geometry of three dimensional squares with elegant rectangular shapes. Range available in 30×90,2R, 100x50R and 61.5X61.5 cm.


Memory, the evolution of “cotto”. The porcelain range Memory imitates the relief of earthenware while incorporating aged effects, such as its characteristic rusted edges, to offer floor tiles with a marked rustic feel. Suitable for any area, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathroom spaces and ideal for courtyards and outdoor terraces in villas with a Provençal style, Memory takes us by surprise with a vast array of colours, ranging from the most traditional cotto to vison and white, more urban and trendy. This range is available in formats 44.5×44.5 cm, 31×61 cm and 61.5×61.5 cm


Matt floor covering inspired by desert sandstones. Nomada is a flexible series adaptable to any kind of room. The sobriety of its design and the softness of its Blanco and Beige colours balance the environment, bringing life to a peaceful space with very subtle contrasts caused by the geometrical relief of the suite decoration. Mixstone available in two colours in 25×70 cm format in white paste.


Norfolk, inspired by nature. Belonging to the collection Rock&Rock, the range Norfolk combines wood and cement, obtaining effects that until now were only found in natural products. Its high technical performance as well as its endurance and design, make it ideal for highly trafficked spaces or those with architectural vocation. Norfolk is available in 4 colours: white, grey, beige and black,and in formats 60×120 R cm, 19.5×120 R cm and 60×60 R cm


Industrial inspiration. With roughness as a defining trait, the traditional Piacentina stone is the inspiration of this porcelain stoneware, highly resistant and versatile. The diverse lines within this Piacentina range make it the perfect candidate for professional or domestic projects. The rectified high-end range in 100×50 R cm., the medium range in 51×102 cm., not rectified and 61.5×61.5 cm. and the entry level with floor tiles in 31×61 cm. Available in Blanco, Gris and Arena, it allows the installation of large not rectified formats to create a smooth surface. Range available in 50X100 R cm., 51X102 cm., 61.5X61.5 cm. and 31X61 cm.


Terrazzo is back. The trends that dominated the sixties are back with daring proposals that reinterpret the classics. Thus, this full body porcelain floor tile recovers the look of traditional terrazzo while providing an unprecedented performance. Pigment is modern and resistant, ideal for commercial, domestic and contract use in modern and daring interior designs. In a square format, it is available in Blanco, Gris, Negro and Multicolor and also in a Natural and Lapato finish. Range available in 80x80R.


The roughness of volcanic stone can be appreciated not only in its rigorous black colour but also in its impossible opposites. Strength and delicateness join in a ceramic floor that integrates sinuosity and resistance. Poniente is an organic and vibrant floor tile designed for monochrome floors in Black, Vison, Grey and Sand. The touch of stone compatible with a wide range of spaces. With the aim of providing a unique experience of texture and contemporaneity, Black has been designed for strong interiors while Sand reflects distinction and exclusiveness. Range available in 50X100 R cm., 24.5×101 R cm., 61.5×61.5 cm. and 31×61 cm.


Inspired by the movement of stones, Traveller is an exclusive, very modern series with a high level of added value. It evokes the design of stone like quartzite, bluestone and slate, all of them elegantly unified in two shades, one cold (in two colours Gris and Marengo) and a warm one (Beige). Thanks to the random combination of its pieces, Traveller designs and defines spaces with great scenic effect, characterised by multidirectionality and marked dynamism. Available in the colours Beige, Gris and Marengo and in rectified formats 60×120, 19.5×120 and 60×60 cm (also in non-slip ABS finish in 60×60 cm format).